Price Optimisation in the Fuel Sector

Price optimization software has traditionally been used by businesses with a limited inventory – such as hotels, airlines or shops, however advancements in machine learning technologies have made it possible to also apply price optimization to a broader range of more complex industries, such as the petroleum industry. Immediate access to huge databases and an overwhelming increase in computing speed allows retailers to keep an eye on the competition and respond to their competitors' marketing strategies timely and accurately.

You don't need to own a gas station to realize that the price of fuel is subject to fierce competitive pressure. It suffices with filling up your tank regularly or watching the news to see the consequences of the 'Yellow Vests' riot in France. So how can fuel retailers benefit from the use of price optimization software? Having higher prices at your pumps than your competitors will rapidly lead to fewer sales and, consequently, diminished profits. If you own a gas station, a reliable Fuel Price Optimization software will keep you one step ahead of your competitors. Here are some of the reasons why:

Dynamic optimization of fuel prices

Setting a competitive fuel price goes well beyond bringing together volume and margin. Taking into consideration factors such as your nearby competitors' prices, the forecasted weather, traffic flow, seasonality, historical sales volume, or special events are key aspects that you need to control in order to maximize your revenues. An efficient Fuel Price Optimization software will analyze all those internal and external factors that are likely to influence your daily sales and enable you to automate and optimize your fuel pricing.

Price Optimization tools can analyze huge amounts of data in the blink of an eye

Thanks to the latest technological advancements in ML, effective Fuel Price Optimization tools are able to synthesize huge amounts of data fast and accurately. Based on automated and comprehensive algorithms that pull data from a wide variety of sources, these precise tools will allow you to optimize your fuel prices and grants you round-the-clock access to the current market conditions.

Ensuring high customer traffic is not a synonym of profitability

Selling your fuel at a lower price than your competitors will certainly drive many sales. But that does not necessarily mean that you will be increasing your revenues. The purchase price of your fuel will determine if lowering its price is a good or bad idea. To address this problem, most fuel price optimization tools provide clients with rack price intelligent solutions, allowing them to make the best fuel-purchasing decisions and enhance profitability management. After all, in order to sell at the best possible price, you first need to buy your product at the lowest price. Being able to always sell at a competitive price while still ensuring your margins translates into increased profitability and enhanced customer loyalty.

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